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What is the Kiwi Pharmacy Network?

The Kiwi Pharmacy Network is an independent watchdog of the online pharmacy market. If a site is verified by the Kiwi Pharmacy Network it has proven to be a credible online pharmacy and it is able to be trusted by consumers.

Once an online pharmacy is verified by the Kiwi Pharmacy Network it is allowed to display the "verified online pharmacy" logo (below) from Kiwi Pharmacy. As well as being a trusted, and verified pharmacy its products database will added to the Kiwi Pharmacy search engine and be regularly updated, so that prices stay accurate when searched on.

Kiwipharmacy Verified Pharmacy Logo

What does the Kiwi Pharmacy Network do?

The Kiwi Pharmacy Network checks and verifies that the online pharmacies that wish to be added to the Kiwi Pharmacy Network are registered pharmacists and have been operating as registered pharmacists for at least one year - to prove that they are not a scam. Once Kiwi Pharmacy has found enough evidence supporting the online pharmacy we are able to verify it as a trusted online pharmacy.

How does the search work?

The Kiwi Pharmacy search engine talks directly with the online pharmacies products database, this enables Kiwi Pharmacy to pull out key information like the name of the product, where to purchase it and how much the particular products costs in US dollars. This makes searching for the cheapest possible products much easier than other search engines, and all you need to do is click the buy button once you have found the product you require and this will take you directly to the online pharmacies product page where you can purchase the product.

How do I purchase goods from the Kiwi Pharmacy Network?

The Kiwi Pharmacy Network does not sell pharmacy goods directly, the Kiwi Pharmacy Network is simply a service to offer the consumer trusted pharmacies and links to these trusted online pharmacy websites. To search for a product click the search link at the top of the site, this will take you to a search box. From here you can enter in a product you wish to purchase, for example "flonase" the search will return all the flonase products from all of the trusted online pharmacies in the Kiwi Pharmacy Network. Once the results are displayed simply click the buy link next to the product you wish to purchase and the link will take you directly to the corresponding pharmacies product page, now all you need to do is add the product to your cart and purchase the product, knowing that you have purchased from a safe, trusted and verified web site.


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